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Pink Chair


A Creative Mind

Ruth lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Mengen. Ruth has a background in education, and has worked in higher ed in enrollment. Her interactions with students have built in her a passion for, and commitment to, quality education that is available to all at affordable costs. Most recently Ruth worked as an essential worker as a drive-thru director at Chick-fil-A. Ruth honed skills of leading through empowerment and problem solving that are essential for being part of conversations around issues in our country.


Ruth understands many of the struggles of the middle class American family through her own experiences. When young and newly married, Ruth and her husband lived on a single income while Mengen was working on getting his green card and could not work. She experienced things like walking through the grocery store and putting items back on the shelf to stay within budget for the week. While in graduate school, Ruth worked one full time job and a second part time job to cover school costs, while also taking care of her family. 


Ruth's marriage to an Asian immigrant has given Ruth a passion for cultural understanding and racial equality in Kentucky and the nation. The recent incidents of Asian hate have been personally important to Ruth as she is passionate for ensuring a safe future for her husband and all people who have experienced racial hate and discrimination in our country. Over the course of her life, Ruth has had opportunities to visit other countries and broaden her understanding of the world. 


Ruth currently serves as the local Democratic chair for her precinct and is the vice chair for the Democrat Party in her legislative district. She believes in being part of the change and growth needed starting from the local level. 


An average citizen herself, Ruth wants to be a voice for the families of Kentucky. She strongly believes in listening to the voices of those she seeks to represent and bridging the polarization that exists through education and real solutions.

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