Quality education should be accessible to children from birth through college. This involves creating a system for free preschool for children so that parents have access to care without needing to sacrifice their jobs which often are key to providing food and necessities for their children. 


In K-12 education we need a focus on improving public education so that all children across Kentucky have access to equal quality of education. This includes ensuring that public funding stays in the school system and is not used via loopholes to pay for private education. It also includes ensuring that the key leaders in K-12 education, our teachers, are compensated as professionals who are training up the next generation.


Looking at higher education in our country today we desperately need new ideas to help reshape how higher education is done. Higher education should be affordable so that students are not graduating with staggering debt that many carry for much of their adult life. This includes looking at solutions to reduce the debts students and graduates already have, as well as creating policies to guide future education costs so that new students are not faced with the need to take out life-crippling loans. Another solution would involve making high demand degrees available for low cost or free so that students can gain a quality education while also providing Kentucky with an educated workforce in degree fields that will ensure our growth as a state.